Our Services

During our ongoing restructuring process, the College regrettably cannot provide services. However, we welcome your queries until this disclaimer is lifted and we resume our operational capacity. Thank you for your understanding during this transitional period.

Grants of Arms and Registrations of Existing Arms

Exercising the delegated authority of HRH Crown Prince Davit, the College both grants and registers armorial bearings. We offer guidance and design services to those seeking the grant of new arms by HRH Crown Prince Davit, and register pre-existing armorial bearings under his sovereign prerogative.

Heraldic Archive

The College will maintain a registry of arms it has granted and matriculated, available for perusal, except in cases where an armiger requests anonymity. We are exploring the exact format, scope, and availability of this archive, and will let it be known once we finalize such details.


The College is working on incorporating a publications section into this website, making PDFs of certain publications (such as charts, brochures, and other educational resources) freely available. In addition, we are planning longer works which will be available for purchase. Through these, we aim to disseminate knowledge and enthusiasm for the Royal House of Georgia to a broader audience.

Regulating Heraldic Practices

The College is responsible for creating and making available rules and guidelines for heraldic practices under the auspices of the Royal House of Georgia to ensure the maintenance of high standards in the design and depiction of heraldic emblems.

Advising the Royal House of Georgia

The College guides, advises and consults the Royal House of Georgia and the Georgian monarchical community on matters of heraldry and vexillology to ensure alignment of its operations with the broader cause of the Royal House. It also provides expertise and assistance to it on matters falling within its area of responsibility.