Registering Existing Arms


Applying for a Registrations of Armorial Bearings and Other Heraldic Emblems


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To begin the process of registration, a petition for registration must be submitted to one of the officers of arms of the Royal Heraldic College of Georgia. Once this petition has been received, one of the officers of arms will contact the petitioner to obtain any remaining relevant information and documentation required to determine eligibility and process the registration.

Review and Authorization

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The registration petition and supporting materials are examined by the College and a determination is made as to whether a registration is possible or if further information is required. The College will inform the petitioner as to whether the registration may be able to proceed and under what (if any) limitations.

Note: As heraldic entitlements and traditions vary, the College may determine that a registration petition may be able to proceed but will require that some elements (such as nobiliary entitlements not formally recognized by the Royal House) be excluded from what is registered.


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Following the payment of the fees of the College by the petitioner, the College will prepare a registration document which will include the formal heraldic description (blazon) of the armorial bearings, succession rules, any applicable authorizations to make use of the heraldic privileges of members of the Royal Georgian Orders, and any accompanying artwork depicting the heraldic emblems (emblazonment). Thereafter, approval is sought and the document is signed and sealed by the College before being mailed to the armiger. A digital copy will be retained by the College, and the registered arms are entered into the Register of Arms, Badges, Flags, and Other Emblems of the Royal House of Georgia.

Finalization and Letters Patent

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To provide petitioners with options to suit their varied preferences, the College offers, in addition to the standard letter-size registration document, two additional options with varying formats and price tiers. Further details are provided in the Letters Patent Options box below.

Letters Patent Options

Upon the registration of your arms, the next step is to select the format of your Letters Patent. We provide three options, each with distinct pricing tiers.

Option A: Standard Letter

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included in the Registration fee is a standard letter provided to all recipients. It is a letter-sized document featuring the College's official letterhead, signed and sealed by the College. The emblazonment is digitally added and also bears the College's signature and seal.

Please note that the petitioner must either provide a high-resolution image of their existing artwork or commission an artist recommended by the College who will send us the scanned emblazonment to add to the registration document.

Option B: Professional Digital Print

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Moderately priced professional print featuring gold metallic ink and digital typography on high-quality, heavyweight paper stock, ideal for framing. Emblazonments are digitally added. The document is embellished with a pre-printed decorative border adorned with traditional Georgian motifs designed by Tania Crossingham, Honorary Herald Painter of the Royal House of Georgia.

Option C: Illuminated Manuscript

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Our most bespoke offering consists of an Illuminated manuscript on calfskin vellum, meticulously hand-painted and hand-engrossed by Tania Crossingham, Honorary Herald Painter of the Royal House of Georgia. There is artistic license and flexibility regarding the design features and format. Emblazonments are integrated into the cost for this option. See examples here.